Ajmal Kasab hanged at 7:30 am today

Ajmal Kasab the pakistani terrorist involved in the 26/11 terrorist attacks on Mumbai has been reportedly hanged to death today 21st November 2012 at 7:30 am.

The president of India, Mr Pranab mukherjee rejected his mercy plea after which he was executed.

He was shifted from Arthur road jail in Mumbai to Yerwada jail in Pune yesturday which has the facilities for executing prisoners who ace death penalty charges.

Ujjwal Nikam the state prosecutor who had successful argued for a death penalty for him was satisfied with the verdict.

At least 166 victims and nine attackers were killed in the attacks.

List of security personnels who were martyred on that unfortunate day:


  • Shri. Hemant Karkare (IPS) Joint Commissioner Of Police,Anti Terrorist Squad, Mumbai.
  • Shri. Ashok Kamte (IPS) Additional Commissioner Of Police, East Region, Mumbai.
  • Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan NSG Commando.
  • Shri. Vijay Salaskar Police Inspector, Anti Extortion Cell, Mumbai.
  • Shri. Shashank Shinde Police Inspector, C.S.T. Railway Police Station, Mumbai.
  • Shri. Bapusaheb Durugade Police Sub Inspector, L.A.1, Naigaon.
  • Shri. Tukaram G. Omble Asst. Police Sub Inspector, D.B.Marg Police Station.
  • Shri. Balasaheb Bhosale Asst. Police Sub Inspector.
  • Shri. Prakash P. More Police Sub Inspector, L.T.Marg Police Station.
  • Shri. Arun Chitte Police Constable.
  • Shri. Ambadas Pawar Police Constable.
  • Shri. Jaywant Patil Police Constable.
  • Shri. Yogesh Patil NSG Commando.
  • Shri. Vijay Khandekar Police Constable.
  • Shri. M. C. Chowdhary Police Head Constable, R.P.F.
  • Shri. Rahul S. Shinde Police Constable, S.R.P.F. Group X, Solapur.
  • Shri. Mukesh B. Jadhav Home Guard Constable



Mumbai Voice hopes that this decision will provide some relief to the family members of those people who were martyred during the terrible terrorist attacks on Mumbai and also gives them a sense of justice.

We also congratulate the president of India for taking this decision.

As a Mumbaikar and an Indian how do you feel about this decision, let us know what your response is the comments section.

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  1. Justice late is justice denied !!

    My heart goes for all the victims, their families and martyred on that unfortunate day. I urge the Indian Government to not stop here, take further actions, tighten securities & intelligence. Don’t give chance to ANYONE to attack our country. Please set examples by not forgiving any such attack against our country, the people of this country.

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