Mumbai city, a city of contradictions, a city that never sleeps, a city that is a melting pot of cultures, a city that is a dream for many and a nightmare for some, and the city we call our HOME.
MumbaiVoice.com is dedicated to Mumbai city and Mumbaikars. It is a city guide on Mumbai with a strong focus on the youth of Mumbai.
Mumbai is a city where there is a massive shortage of one very precious thing, TIME.
In order to save your precious time we have created MumbaiVoice.com, the place where you will find all the important information related to Mumbai, all under a single roof.
We also have a “Help Wanted” section wherein any common Mumbaikar in need of any help can contact us and we shall try and spread the information to our readers using the website and the social media, thus giving a voice to those who maybe in need of help.
We reach out to youngsters in Mumbai by affiliating to various college festivals and help in promoting the festivals to our readers.